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Arnold Catzenegger's official fanclub

Worship me, I'm the governor of all kitties

Arnold Catzenegger
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My name is Arnold Catzenegger, governor of all kitties, but if you're extra-nice I will grant you the priviledge to call me Arnie. I'm a 17-month-old silver-shaded persian and I live with my two humans and evil sister Juliet in Montreal, Canada. I was named after the Terminator, because his election was on the news when my humans took me home. I eat anything edible, I like to bite my human's toes and Juliet's ears, and I hate havint the mats in my hair cut. I'm one of the kitties who got the most comments when my humans posted pictures on kittypix. Since I'm a Canadian kitty, I can't be a governor or a president, but at least I can be the president of my own fanclub. Worship me!

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Thanks hopeless and Neo !